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Crush Pendant

Crush Pendant

SKU: 0018746

Our medallionesk Crush pendant is handmade to order in (925) sterling silver and 24 carat gold foil. This round coin/medal like pendant has an organic feel and means each piece comes out slightly different to the next. This piece has a really pleasant weight to it and is the perfect gift for that loved one or yourself. Why not get the full set and pair this with our crush earrings!


  • Handmade to order
  • 925 Sterling silver
  • Packaged in our eco packaging
  • Under required hallmarking weight


We recommend this piece is worn with a 22" or 24" chain the perfect length for sitting above any clothing and to compliment a long coat in this winter season.


This piece is handmade to order please allow a maximum of 20 days for dispatch after order.

Silver, white gold and base metal jewellery are subject to tarnish.  However, you can prevent this by removing any silver jewellery before washing, sanitising, or using perfumed creams. Store your jewellery with our anti-tarnish cloth provided in our packaging and use it to give your jewellery an extra shine occasionally. If your jewellery is looking dull and has passed the stage of tarnish prevention don’t be afraid to get in contact and I can give you advice on how to clean your jewellery at home or if needs be I can carry out deeper cleaning for you, however I highly recommend following our care instructions.


Any jewellery containing stones should be removed before applying any creams or perfumes in order to protect the stones and prevent settings from becoming clogged and taking away the sparkle from your precious gems!


Any questions just get in contact, I would be happy to help!

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