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Wedding Ring

Looking for a bespoke engagement or wedding ring?

Engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity rings, bridal jewellery, cufflinks and bridesmaids jewellery.  Made by Tara has you covered.  Tara has an extensive portfolio of past engagement and wedding ring commissions. 

Want to know a little more about the process?

  • First off its very important to have a budget in mind. Precious jewellery of this nature can vary widely on cost. You having a budget in mind helps me along the design process so I can pick the perfect metal and stone you love that fits into what you would like to pay. Your budget is always kept confidential so don't be afraid to be honest about it. 

  • Next we can either meet in person or have a discussion online about what kind of style you are after. If your buying a surprise engagement ring don't worry if you have no idea! I can guide you through this and we can look at options together.

  • After our initial discussion I will work on 3-4 designs for you. (psst, I don't charge for designs unless you decide to go ahead with one!) I will send these designs to you via email, you can have a look at them and we can see which you prefer and discuss any edits you might like to make. 

  • Once we have finalised a design I will send you a quote that fits within the previously agreed budget. 

  • If all is good here then a 50% deposit is paid so that I can order in material and send the rings off for hallmarking once they're complete. 

  • If you like I can send photos along the making process to make sure you are 100% happy with how the piece is going. 

  • Once the rings are complete the rest is paid, unless we have agreed a payment plan which is also an option! And the piece is yours.

Please come to me within plenty of time of your wedding preferably 6 weeks minimum as sourcing materials and making your pieces takes time.

Let’s work together to make your wedding jewellery uniquely you.

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