Made by Tara offers  specialised and knowledgeable services for you to get the best possible fix for all your jewellery issues. From small chain repairs to creating brand new pieces using precious stones and gold that have been passed down in your family, contact Tara for a consultation and quote and get that jewellery worn and into the world again!


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Made by Tara is open to taking commissions. You could be involved in having a one-off piece of jewellery designed specifically to your wishes.  This could be an engagement or wedding ring a piece for yourself or even a gift! You don't need to have a set design in mind, discuss your thoughts with Tara get a quote and be kept up to date with the process. 

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Made by Tara offers a number of different jewellery repair services, we are eager to fix your jewellery and help you get wearing your favourite sentimental pieces again. We will do what we can to fix your jewellery in the best way possible, without just encouraging you to buy new pieces instead. 


Some of our services include stone replacement, chain repair, claw retipping and replacement, replating, chain and ring resizing, amongst others. Just get in contact through the contact form and we can see what we can do! No job is too small or too big.

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Sometimes those pieces handed down to us just aren't in style anymore or are worn and torn beyond repair. Why let those pieces sit in a drawer and gather dust?  When you can get them remodelled into a brand new piece of jewellery. 


At Made by Tara we can take your old stones and gold melt it down or rework it into a new piece of jewellery that's made for you or a loved one.  If the nature of the piece and the design it was, was important to you we respect that and can work with your old jewellery in a way that's thoughtful and sympathetic to what it was and can create a revamped version of the piece that's timeless. 

Like our commissions these pieces will be designed specifically to your wishes and you will a part of whole process.  Get in contact with Tara through the contact form to discuss your thoughts, designs and get a quote. 

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Over time silver and white gold naturally tarnish and depending on the persons PH level or the care of the jewellery this can speed this process up, meaning jewellery becomes tarnished and dirty appearing quite quickly! Although prevention is better than cure, if your jewellery is in need of a little TLC then we've got you covered.  Whether the piece needs a real sanding or just a light polish or even just a dip in the ultrasonic. Get in contact with Tara through the contact form, attach an image of the piece if you can and Tara will get back to you with a direct quote and a way to get the jewellery to her.

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